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Smart’s Professional Sharpening is owned and operated by Mr. Stephen Smart of McKinney, TX. Mr.  Smart has had a lifelong fascination with knives. As a custom knifemaker  he  has amassed a tremendous amount of knowledge of all types of cutting instruments as well as different steels, the heat treating and tempering process which produces a steel that is abrasive and corrosive resistant, very tough, extremely hard and able to maintain a fine edge.  Stephen  has experience using hundreds of exotic hardwoods from around the world to craft beautiful knife handles, along with different types of bone, antler and many types of synthetics such as aMicarta and pakkawood.    Stephen has over thirty six years of custom knifemaking experience.  Many of his  custom knives have been featured in knife publications over the years. He has designed and built knives for clients around the globe and has provided sharpening services for clients such as restaurants, chefs, delicatessens, meat cutters, butcher shops, homeowners, farmers, gardeners, knife collectors, tailors and supermarkets etc. for many years. Listed below is a sampling of some of the knives designed and built by Mr. Smart:

Hunting knives for big game hunting guides in South Africa
Carving set for a client in Sweden
Ulu skinning knife for  a seal hunter in Alaska
Small game knives for red squirrel hunters in Scotland
Bird and trout knives for hunters/fishermen from coast to coast
Camp knife for a Boy Scout troop in Oklahoma
Hunting knives for elk hunters in Colorado
Skinning knives for trappers in Canada
Pruning knife for a grounds keeper
Fighting  knives for soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq
Hunting knives for grizzly bear hunters in Alaska
Knives for hunting wild boar in Hawaii

In addition to the above Mr. Smart has owned and operated a retail cutlery shop in California which sold high end commercial meat cutters cutlery, kitchen cutlery, hunting and fishing knives, pocket knives, tactical knives, axes, hatchets and all types of scissors. The cutlery shop also provided sharpening services and knife repair/restoration to many local businesses and individuals.

Stephen has built thousands of knives and sharpened many thousands. He is a craftsman who loves what he does. He personally handles all the sharpening responsibilities in his shop. You can trust him to always treat your knives like they were his own.

Give Smart’s Professional Sharpening  a call at 214-882-0441 or email us at for info and pricing.